The Elements

The reason it is so revolutionary is because of the amount of thought that went into exactly what the make and ingredients should be. What is really important is the herbal blend that is introduced when taking the product. What I want to do is go through this blend and break down exactly what goes into it. You will see that each piece has a specific purpose and why it’s so effective for providing energy, stamina, and overall health benefits to someone.

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Specific Ingredients

I explained a small bit of an introductory to the product in the video but in this article let’s take a look at the attributes of Prodovite in detail.

VMP35 1:1 Herbal Blend

This herbal blend makes up for a good portion of the concoction in the bottle. It is made up of 1700mg or 1.7 grams which means that this is a very large part of it. If this piece was taken out, you would lose almost all of the benefits of it and you might as well take a normal multivitamin. What modern science does not realize is that without micronutrients, or nutrients that isn’t processed on a macro level, we cannot function to our maximum capacity and will eventually end up shortening our life if we don’t get these essential micronutrients. This is why the herbal blend is so important to be a part of the mix.

Astragalus extract

Astragalus extractAstragalus extract has it’s roots in Chinese culture and has been an herb passed down from generations. Astragalus has been used for centuries to treat and boost our natural immune systems. This means that by taking this herb alone, you can increase the work capacity or your white blood cells and improve immune as a whole. This is one of the most essential parts of the herbal mix and is a staple for recovery and youthfulness.

Ginger extract

Ginger extractThis extract is primarily used for things like an upset stomach or things like vomiting or nausea. I think that the main reason this was put into the mix is because of the amount of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients Prodovite has. Because you are getting such a great blast of the perfect supplement, you’re body isn’t used to getting it all at once so this prevents those unwanted side effects.

Green tea extract

green tea extractThis has been known for decades to help with fat loss along with energy production. The most potent element of Green tea extract is the ECGC.

Fo-ti extract

Fo-ti extractThis herb became popular because of an ancient herbalist from China called Chung Yun. This man lived to be 256 years old and was known to take this extract on a daily basis and now modern research has proved that this substance contains an alkaloid that has very positive effects on the nervous system.

Hawthorne berry extract

Hawthorne berry extractAn herb that is regularly used to treat heart disease and nurtures the blood circulatory system. This takes care of one of the many systems in the body.

Elderberry extract

Elderberry extractThere is now significant evidence that the Elderberry extract can be used to boost immune and also used to treat the flu, and other flu related illnesses such as H1N1. This also can be used to treat sinus, as well as other pain.

Eleuthero extract

Eleuthero extractKnown as the “adaptogen”. Many athletes use this extract to improve their performance in sports because it improves the ability to improve work capacity.

Chamomile extract

Knows as a sleep aid in high doses, Chamomile is also used to reduce anxiety in small doses and in turn improve your immune system.Chamomile extract

Citrus bioflavonoids (from rose hips)

A more effective version of Vitamin C that is absorbed and naturally processed.

Gotu kola extract

Gotu kola extractThis herb has been and still is used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. The main effects of this supplement is by treating viral and bacterial infections. This means that by ingesting this substance, your body can devote more energy to recovery.

Wrapping it up in a bottle

By the time you go out and buy all of these different substances, you will wrack up a bill that would make my mother sweat. By taking Prodovite, you are getting all of the supplementation you need to boost immune and increase energy rapidly.

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